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Hey, could anyone give me a full overview on why Xisto is now Xisto? I left for a few months, and now I return in shock. I'm not sure what is going on, or what happened. Thanks


I sure with I could explain it to you, but I really don't have a clue, other than the site owner didn't think Xisto was a good enough name and wanted something else. I think he did even do a poll about changing the name, and most everyone didn't like the idea, but he did it anyway. Owners perogitive I guess. I do know Xisto was a lot easier to remember and type in than Xisto! Anyway, it's still much the same as it was a few months back, same old gang and same general works, just in a new set of clothes. Glad your back. I wish more of the old timers would come back, seems like quite a few have wandered off.