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Member Manifestmw2 Is A Spammer?

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The member manifestmw2 has mostly one liners or rather 90% of his posts are one liners so I was wondering whether he should be banned once and for all or simply wait for some improvement.http://forums.xisto.com/user/108808-manifestmw2/


Hello,I have sent a message to the user manifestmw2 about his posts weakness. We will wait for the improvement in the posts made by this user.Thank you.


The member's main interest in the forums was simply for a custom banner for their site designed by someone here at the forums. I have denied a couple of his requests, but someone approved one of his requests, most likely because this person has forgotten that 10 posts does not necessarily equal 10 quality posts.I do not believe the member will be responding to any of their PMs, as their intentions are clear, to get in, get a banner, and leave.


Gotcha, I decided to take a look at his sig request http://forums.xisto.com/topic/73509-banner-request/ and no one has updated that topic for a really long time and he practically has posted nothing for a long time. So I guess he has left the forums for good..