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The Explosion Of The Internet. How big can the internet become?

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How big can the internet get? In a time where more and more Chinese people get access to the internet there rise some questions. India is 1 of the top computer software managing countries in the world. Africa did just start using the internet. In California the electricity supply becomes a problem. So the question rises how much more the internet can grow. The deliverance of internet addressed reaches almost its limits. A new protocol has to be made to be able to give out more internet addresses in the nearby future. Computers, storage servers and server farms demand more and more electricity. The computers need telephone wires. They are not availbable everywhere in Africa at the moment. So when the people in China start to use the internet in the same way like the people in America and Europe the use of the internet can explode. Are there enough supplies, computers, servers and instrastrucute available to enable the growth that can be expected?