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I Will Be Out Of Touch For A While

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Hi everybody,I have just closed on the sale of my house and packing things up for the move to Georgia. It's been some crazy weeks for me and I will miss my home for past 16 years.I am driving from New York to Georgia on the 20th. I planned a 2 day trip, stopping by few places for scenic route and arrive in Georgia. And I will be flying to New York city to see my niece before returning to Buffalo, NY to close out additional loose ends.I would imagine I won't be able to think anything clearly until I get my new house purchased in Georgia. So until then contact OpaQue for any administrative required actions. I am hoping to be back on the forum by August 5th.See you later, all :)


Hummm, quick reply is still dead.I'm bumping my own topic (sorry, won't happen again) because I closed another topic and it's now buried.


I am back for now. Thanks everyone for chipping in. I hope the forum was business as usual. Still in the moving process--my previous residence didn't close properly and left with dangling lawyer fees. ack!I should be able to pop in and out for a bit before I can fully log in regularly.


I moved too. Across the street. It was a fun move. Friend and I moved into a 3 Bedroom 2Bath house. We have a dog too. A Siberian husky.