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Need A Bit Of Help

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Soviet Rathe

I need help with my form, it was a ready-made script i've been working on and i'm having a bit of trouble with the form, here's my code:

$name = array('Name','name',NULL,NULL);$email = array('Email','email',NULL,NULL,NULL);$subject = array('Subject','subject',NULL,NULL);$message = array('Message','message',NULL,NULL);$security = array('Security question','security',NULL,NULL,NULL);$yourusername = $membername;$error_message = '';if (!isset($_POST['submit'])) { showForm();} else { //form submitted $error = 0; if(!empty($_POST['check'])) die("Invalid form access"); if(!empty($_POST['name'])) { $name[2] = clean_var($_POST['name']); if (function_exists('htmlspecialchars')) $name[2] = htmlspecialchars($name[2], ENT_QUOTES); } else { $error = 1; $name[3] = 'color:#FF0000;'; } if(!empty($_POST['email'])) { $email[2] = clean_var($_POST['email']); if (!validEmail($email[2])) { $error = 1; $email[3] = 'color:#FF0000;'; $email[4] = '<strong><span style="color:#FF0000;">Invalid email</span></strong>'; } } else { $error = 1; $email[3] = 'color:#FF0000;'; } if(!empty($_POST['subject'])) { $subject[2] = clean_var($_POST['subject']); if (function_exists('htmlspecialchars')) $subject[2] = htmlspecialchars($subject[2], ENT_QUOTES); } else { $error = 1; $subject[3] = 'color:#FF0000;'; } if(!empty($_POST['message'])) { $message[2] = clean_var($_POST['message']); if (function_exists('htmlspecialchars')) $message[2] = htmlspecialchars($message[2], ENT_QUOTES); } else { $error = 1; $message[3] = 'color:#FF0000;'; } if(empty($_POST['security'])) { $error = 1; $security[3] = 'color:#FF0000;'; } else { if($question_answers[$_POST['question']] != strtolower(clean_var($_POST['security']))) { $error = 1; $security[3] = 'color:#FF0000;'; $security[4] = '<strong><span style="color:#FF0000;">Wrong answer</span></strong>'; } } if ($error == 1) { $error_message = '<span style="font-weight:bold;font-size:90%;">Please correct/enter field(s) in red.</span>'; showForm(); } else { if (function_exists('htmlspecialchars_decode')) $name[2] = htmlspecialchars_decode($name[2], ENT_QUOTES); if (function_exists('htmlspecialchars_decode')) $subject[2] = htmlspecialchars_decode($subject[2], ENT_QUOTES); if (function_exists('htmlspecialchars_decode')) $message[2] = htmlspecialchars_decode($message[2], ENT_QUOTES); $message = "Username:$membername\r\nPoints:$memberpoints\r\nName:$name[2]\r\nEmail:$email[2]\r\n\r\nMessage:\r\n$message[2]\r\n"; if (!$from) $from_value = $email[2]; else $from_value = $from; $headers = "From: $from_value" . "\r\n" . "Reply-To: $email[2]"; mail($to,"$subject_prefix - $subject[2]", $message, $headers); if (!$thank_you_url) { echo $GLOBALS['thank_you_message']; echo "\n"; } else { header("Location: $thank_you_url"); } }} //else submittedfunction showForm(){global $name, $email, $subject, $pointsneeded, $message, $security, $question_answers, $form_width, $form_background, $form_border, $form_border_style; $question = array_rand($question_answers);echo $GLOBALS['error_message']; if ($pointsneeded<=0){echo <<<EOD<div style="width:{$form_width};vertical-align:top;text-align:left;background-color:{$form_background};border: 1px {$form_border} {$form_border_style};overflow:visible;" id="formContainer"><form method="post" ><fieldset style="border:none;"><p><label for="{$name[1]}" style="font-weight:bold;{$name[3]};width:25%;float:left;display:block;">{$name[0]}</label> <input type="text" name="{$name[1]}" value="{$name[2]}" /></p><p><label for="{$email[1]}" style="font-weight:bold;{$email[3]}width:25%;float:left;display:block;">{$email[0]}</label> <input type="text" name="{$email[1]}" value="{$email[2]}" /> {$email[4]}</p><p><label for="{$subject[1]}" style="font-weight:bold;{$subject[3]}width:25%;float:left;display:block;">{$subject[0]}</label> <input type="text" name="{$subject[1]}" value="{$subject[2]}" /></p><p><label for="{$message[1]}" style="font-weight:bold;{$message[3]}width:25%;float:left;display:block;">{$message[0]}</label> <textarea name="{$message[1]}" cols="40" rows="6">{$message[2]}</textarea></p><p><label for="{$security[1]}" style="font-weight:bold;{$security[3]}width:25%;float:left;display:block;">{$question}?</label> <input type="text" name="{$security[1]}" value="" size="10" /> {$security[4]}</p><div style="margin-left:25%;display:block;font-size:90%;">We are sorry but please answer the above question to prove you are a real visitor and not a spam bot.</div><p><span style="font-weight:bold;font-size:90%;">All fields are required.</span></p><input type="hidden" name="question" value="{$question}"><input type="hidden" name="check" value=""><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit" style="border:1px solid #999;background:#E4E4E4;margin-top:5px;" /></fieldset></form></div>

that's the unedited script, let's look at this part:

<p><label for="{$message[1]}" style="font-weight:bold;{$message[3]}width:25%;float:left;display:block;">{$message[0]}</label> <textarea name="{$message[1]}" cols="40" rows="6">{$message[2]}</textarea></p>

here it is after I edit it:

<p><label for="{$message[1]}" style="font-weight:bold;{$message[3]}width:25%;float:left;display:block;">{$message[0]}</label> <textarea name="{$message[1]}" cols="40" rows="6">{$_GET[ 'prize' ]}</textarea></p>

The reason I changed it is because I want it so when the url is like ?prize=anythinghere then the box will have anythinghere already filled in.

When i do it that way it works like a charm! but with one problem.
When I try to Submit the form it comes back, and the form turns red as if there was an error of some kind.

so to break it down, $_GET[ 'prize' ] works in doing what I want it to, but in order for the form to submit I need the $message[2] and i'm a bit novice with PHP so idk how to achieve this.

Soviet Rathe

someone fixed it for me :) the correct code is

<p><label for="{$message[1]}" style="font-weight:bold;{$message[3]}width:25%;float:left;display:block;">{$message[0]}</label> <textarea name="{$message[1]}" cols="40" rows="6">{$message[2]}{$_GET[ 'prize' ]}</textarea></p>


hay, and i was reading it, hahaha. good for you, and good luck soviet hope everything will be alright.


Lol, my forum script is waaay more simple xD


hello i just started php and i would like to include a signup form to my site. i would need to some ready made scripts to get a jump start, form by html website, any help will be greatly appreciate thank you.


hello i just started php and i would like to include a signup form to my site. i would need to some ready made scripts to get a jump start, form by html website, any help will be greatly appreciate thank you.

well, i really think that you should start a new topic about that, so everyone can reply and help you. and you can discuss things with everyone. please make a new topic and give us more details.