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Notice To Moderators About Moving Topics To Another Section

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This post goes to all moderators, new or old, for quick reminder.


When you are moving the topic from one place to another, please do not check Leave a link to the new topic in the source forum box.


This, while may be helpful to member who has posted in the wrong section, is bad for our forum. It turns topics disorganized and separated from the proper forum section.


Furthermore, if the member continues without noticing the movement he or she will never learn to post in the proper section. They often ask, where is my topic that I posted here? And we reply, we moved it because it was not in the proper forum section. Please read and review our forum's layout and post in the correct forum section(s).


Thanks guys! Keep up the good work and through these trying days while we upgrade our forum.


I had moved one earlier and noticed the check box was no longer checked by default. "Finally!" i said to myself. I'm still trying to get used to the new design, but it is good to see that some things have changed that increases convenience.