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How To Create A Website With Adobe Flash Cs4? Hi

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Hi, I recently made a web server called http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ which basically creates emails for you to use but I want to make it into a flash website using adobe flash cs 4 any idea how i can do that ???THanks



I have never used flash for web design in a heck of long time!!Is't still possible? I'd advise you use it for animations mate and check out: joomla.org ( a ready-made software for web design).All the best man.


Honestly, flash websites are unnecessary, they have severe lag and sometimes it is complicated for members to use the interface as they need to have flash player installed.Make sure if you make a flash site, that you have a HTML based site also for members with Dial-Up and members who don't have flash player and cannot download it.Good luck with your site :):)


Well,i actually think that first you need to make everything several and after that implent all the with dreamweaver or some program.