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We have just opened up and are looking for some members to fill our site up! Got some free time on your hands? Why don't you come to http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ for the best gaming experience ever! also chat with friends and more! ;)

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Very nice arcade site. I don't know if you're taking constructive criticism, but personally I think it would be more aesthetically appealing if you had bigger links to the games, feature some game links/previews/screenshots on the homepage, and add a meta icon. This will probably be one of my favorite websites to visit at school if it isn't blocked. I recognize many of the flash games, like Shift and Portal.Thanks for sharing!


Thankyou for sharing this site, my little brother will enjoy this. I will pass it on to him now. Firstly the design is perfect, there is little bandwidth usage and the amount of games on there is awesome. I may suggest creating game categories for example : violent to safe etc : but the whole of the site is great. I see youhave used the free hosting from Webs, I hope that is going well for you? Maybe you can switch to Xisto when you get enough mycents ;)