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OpaQue, I know I may not be actively logged in these days, but some cross warning or decision making process to include me would have been in order.When I spoke about PM system and errors in the forum via facebook, you said "**** the pm system have a good time man." And yet, when you replied to anwiii's irate you were all incoherent.If you do not value me as your admin supporter I would like to know if I any longer matters. If I do matter it would be at least respective to console in my direction--that is unless you feel it's your board, your will. Then at least I know where I stand.Over the years I have felt betrayed. I have always defended you, shielded you from rogue members and instances. But if I have over extended my protectiveness, well I will not overstep my boundary again. I have not said it in the past but starting with image hosting not working correctly from years ago where you shouted at me how you care less about something you were losing money on, and leading up to the facebook chat... I'm beginning to wonder if your excessive drug usage is hindering you from your quality works of the past.If you feel that I am holding on to the old ways and whatever you feel, all you have to do is say as it is. If it's time for a change I hope you know that I am willing to stand down. This is not an idol threat. I am giving you my honest ways in dealing honestly on issues between friends.