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Since I can't delete this thread, I will just change the text.Bryansoft, like everyone has rough times. The staff there are currently going through some changes, and bryansoft has since become one of the best hosts. If there is a moderator viewing this thread, please delete it.


Well Xisto/Xisto does offer great hosting with great uptime so you won't have to worry about that, also our support is community base and so any problems you might have post them here and we will be glad to help.


Bryan soft is in my opinion the worst Post to Host Community around. My website goes down every five minutes...until I rename my .htaccess file. Their support stinks, no one there can offer any explanations or re-create my account. Account Creation is a very slow process...


Needless to say, I left them...

Yeah, i even tried that hosting. I honestly hate sites that REQUIRE you to signup on a forum and register as well as post ____ <-- that many monthly to use their services. See, Xisto is something like that except you don't need to post daily, once you redeem, you redeem.