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Maya tutorial

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does anyone ahve a good tutorial about maya?i got the program but i definitly need an tutorial to learn it...


Is'nt it better to just Google it? It would be faster and more easy. Posting in a forum is more work than typing https://www.google.com/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=BwkjVKfAD8uH8QfckIGgCQ&gws_rd=ssl and keying in your search.


yea um whats a maya? the program that u got, didnt it come with instructions or anything?


Maya comes with an extreamly detailed tutorials. Including video walk-throughs on what to do. If you don't see them then it's probably because you don't have quicktime installed. I'm tired of questions like this. They're pointless. Just google it, if you can't find something in google then you can ask, but c'mon... this is a stupid question.