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New Hosting Companies Vs Established Hosting Companies Come in and Participate in this discussion

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Hello Trapians,I have been in the field of webhosting, domains, web-development etc since last 3 years.Today I am raising a very debatable topic, I have also started this topic at some other forums but there we were not able to reach to a final solution or answer to this question.So In a hope that people might be interested in this topic here at Xisto as well, I am starting this topic.My Question:-Who are best, established webhosting companies like hostgator or the companies which are new and starting there business?In favor of:-I am in favor of new webhosting companies which are on the way of getting established.Points to justify my favor:-I have several points on which I can justify that new companies have a brighter future then these established companies. They are as follows-> Big established companies do not treat there customers with importance(this is my personal experience), While small companies always try not to loose there customers and thus it serves its customer in a better way.-> Big companies don't provide you a better support, whereas new companies provide faster support.-> Big companies do not provide you a friendly staff, whereas new companies does provide you with a friendlier support.-> Big companies always provide costly hosting for no extra features, whereas new companies emphasis on new features and ease for there users. They also provide comparatively cheaper hosting.-> You won't find much of the monthly or quarterly offers or promos comming from big companies, where as to increase the sales new companies give out much better offers.-> Overall performance of a new company is much better then big companies.I can say these points on my 3 years of experience and analysis. I have invested quite a number of $s to test the legitimacy of my points.... So these points are almost proven on my behalf, still I would be happy to hear from all of you your reviews.Please play a fair debate and do not try to criticize or hurt some 1....Thank you!!