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Losing Credits After Getting A New Package Simply, wondering why?

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I had 49 credits when I applied for my package. After getting it, I lost almost all of them.I just want to know why...I feel like all my hard work for those credits was a loss to me.I'm sure there's somewhere in the forums where this is explained, but I looked and couldn't find it...


same thing happend to me i was above 30 credits and then i ran the upgrade script (which opaque gave me wrong upgrade, he gave me my current package) and it didnt go through right away or something so i ran again and was down to 2.97 days. yay


I think you are suposed to loose that credits since they have the same function as money. You get an upgrade for x credits (like buying the upgrade) so you loose the credits. Same thing happened to me.Anyway when you want an upgrade the number of posts is important not the credits. The credits are only important for keeeping your account active. Get it?


I think i posted it at http://forums.xisto.com/topic/6638-upgrade-hosting-credits-down-surprising-for-me/


I hope it was a bug but it isn't :D

IT has been done on purpose and it is not a bug. When you request an upgrade, you are requesting a service. Since some members are denied and some continue to post, We cannot come to know how many are spam. We generally assume that the member is going to request as soon as he gets his required creditts and We reset it.


We also did not feel to mention it because it is written on the main page that you require 10 credits for Upgrade to Package 1 , 25 for package 2 and so on..


Anyway, I will make a note about it.