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Who Is Dark Archer? Now known as Phoenix.Illusion?

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This morning, some members were complaining that a member by the name of Dark Archer had 4 accounts and were using them all to get hosting. I thought this was a rather bold statement to make, so I decided to investigate. Dark archer, who apparently recently changed his name to Phoenix.Illusion has a dynamic IP address so it is quite difficult to find an IP that comes up with another member, however I did happen to randomly choose this post, which was posted with the IP of Interestingly enough that matches the IP that another member, by the name of LiteSpeed, used to sign up with. Although I have not found any proof of it, I have had two members tell me that Spurious, and Phoneix both belong to Dark Archer as well.

I am a new mod, so I have no idea what the standard protocol for this is, or even if it is against the rules to do this because I can't seem to find anything in the TOS mentioning multiple accounts. I wanted to share my findings with some of the more experienced mods to help me look into this.


I already know about all of his accounts (as you can see by their warning logs for his older accounts) and have been keeping track of his movements. LiteSpeed he doesn't seem to really be using, and he may have forgotten about it since he created the Spurious account rather than using LiteSpeed. I told him that i wasn't going to remove his warnings due to how many times he failed to follow the rules. So i suggested he can try one more time with a new account, which is now Spurious. However, this is his last account that i personally would allow. If he messes up with this one, i would suggest an IP ban. He's told me plenty of times how sorry he is and how he fully understands the rules here, yet he continued to copy and paste posts. Therefore, even for one mistake for his Spurious account, i would recommend requesting from either OpaQue or BuffaloHELP to have his IP banned. He's lost my trust and his integrity with me.


Yeah I been dealing with his nonsense as well trying to help him get all that negative MyCents through better posting. Obviously it hasn't been working out with that idea but yeah I go with the IP ban as well, but if its dynamic though that would be a problem, but I guess he could ban the email from being used.


It's not so much being sorry as just not caring or not being aware of the rules. This was sent to me as a PM:

I would like to report truefusion (MODERATOR)

He warned me and added this as user note:

Link. For each following warning you are given by me on either account you have, i will increase the post disability by 5 days from the last disability given.

Current posting disability for this warning: 25 days.

I mean that's not right, I cant see what ive done. dry.gif


When I pointed out that he hadn't quoted the text, and therefore received the warning, he claimed he had quoted it when he posted it.


When I pointed out that he hadn't quoted the text, and therefore received the warning, he claimed he had quoted it when he posted it.

He tried to argue that point to me too, when i was the one that quoted his text—though given the time of the warning and the time the topic was posted on, he had about 12 hours to quote the text. However, he has committed yet another copy and paste (you could even tell it wasn't his writing from the grammar and punctuation used): link. I'm going to go request for an IP ban.