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Need Some Help/advice

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Hi,Normally I would never do this, But as my mind is currently a total mess I figured I might as well try this. Now, there is this girl that I am really fond of, she is staying with some family friends as she was a foster child, which is how I met her (Through the family friends) I really have no experience with girls or relationships (which is why I am asking for advice now), How can I go about telling her how I feel, and/or asking her on a date or something? I am very very very shy by nature, which is why i do not have much experience with girls. She is also thinking of moving out of where she is (Family Friends) as she thinks she is paying way to much room and board. And this might happen really soon, and since I care deeply I would rather her not end up on the streets,etc. But my parents are refusing to take her in if she does leave where she is because they feel that it would be like taking her away from the family friends. (confusing I know). I should also note that I do not have alot of friends as I tend to stay in the house quite a bit, Not sure if that helps any, lol.


I hate to bump, But I kinda need some advice. Can someone help me out?PleaseThanks


If you really care about her than you should forget about your shyness and in an appropriate moment you should just tell her all. If you don't do anything you will regret it, trust me :|. And hurry up if you say she is thinking about living. If you doubt how you can tell your feelings just say them, I'm sure this will work. Be honest with her !Good luck :D!


Hi,But the catch is, I am totally confused of which one I like (There are three girls there) One has alot in common with my interests (Fixing computers,etc) and I get along with her quite well, The one that I wrote this post about I also get along with quite well, But she has different interests then me. But I have feelings for both, ( I know really messed up) And I do know what your talking about regretting it, But I just do not know how to come across that I like them and where and when to do it. I just invited one (The one who likes computers,etc) over to watch a few movies that I just got, But have no idea how to say anything.


well when she is over and watching movies, try and judge if she is interested in you without being obvious, dont be nervous just try and relax around her. If you have much in common conversation shouldn't be difficult, don't ask her on a 'date' thats just not going to work. Ask if she wants to hang for coffee, or go to that new art exhibition down the road, anything like that...And as for liking two of them, don't do that. Just go for the one you think it will work best with and if you don't *BLEEP* it up and it doesn't work out chances are you will still have a chance with the other one. If you half *bottom* go for one or both then they will both think you are being a *BLEEP* and you won't be very popular among any of them :D Remember girls can read you like a book, don't be desparate, just... try and be on the same level as her.