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Help. Love Or Logic?

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can anyone help me?i have this girl that i really likebut i dont want to go out with her because my past tells me that it will olny end in disasteri really like her and my heart tells me to go for itbut i dont want to because i'm scared it will only end in heart ache...againshould i do it?i need some supporthelp


Well, logic says get over the whole mom thing first, then look at the similarities between both scenarios and see if the reason why you like this girl is genuine or not. You imply you wouldn't want it to end if you were to get together; however, if you can't control yourself around other girls or women, then obviously it's bound to end, since it can basically be said that there isn't any love, or not enough love, in the relationship. Relationships are about being faithful.


Have you thought of trying to take it slow? Rushing into things might be fun to begin with but usually ends up in a 6 heart pile up on state highway 'relationships'.