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Akapost: Hide Your Real E-mail From Your Recipients

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So there's a new way to send e-mails to your ex's, prank your friends, or e-threat your enemies anonymously...


AKApost gives us that opportunity by allowing this proxy service for free for one registered e-mail address, letting you perform your shenanigans under the stealth of anonymity. Not sure what you would really use this for, but figured I'd share this for you wanna-be stalkers, prankers, and those of you who want to send an e-mail somewhat risk-free. :P


P.S. Don't be me and make your username the same username as you usually use. That username is placed in front of your proxy e-mail, so my rayzoredge@blah.com e-mail will show up as being from username@akapost.com.


Thanks, sure this will come in handy for me some where down the brick road :P, nice find.