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Working First, Not Working Now? DNS is set up 2 days ago

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domain: https://www.marcb.com/
username: marcbyesterday it worked, yesterday evening it didn't work (thought it was the DNS settings) today this afternoon it worked, and now..... it doesn't!i think after 2 days the DNS settings should be saved correctly, and i think it should work by now, and it worked earlyer today, but now it doesn't at all!any idea of what this could be?and when trying to install a script (this afternoon, when it worked fine) i got the error message that it wasn't enabled by you guys, and that i should ask for an upgrade (i'm sure you all know the error) any idea what this could be?thanks alot - anyone that helps me - yours, marc


When your site does not work, do a traceroute from Command prompt. And give us the results. We will try to determine, where the problem is exactly.Our server are up and havnt gone down in last 2 days.


I know the problem, and it sucks....


1dni changes the nameservers from ns1.trap17.com to NS1.TRAP17.COM (capital) which is a different IP i think, when i do a traceroute i get this:


Microsoft Windows XP [versie 5.1.2600]

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C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>cd..

C:\Documents and Settings>cd..



Bezig met het traceren van de route naar ns2.unixbsd.info []

via maximaal 30 hops:



it's all in dutch <sorry for that> but it says:

Tracing route to ns2.unixbsd.info [] using max 30 hops:


meaning the dns servers are wrong! unless you are ns2.unixbsd.info :S

this is the IP i get when i save nameservers as NS1.TRAP17.COM..... (i know why it changes to that, it's ecause the first time i changed them to your servers, i copied the nameservers from the forums, where it was in capitals :P)


please tell me if i'm right here, or if i'm just thinking in the wrong direction.


thanks - marc


any suggestions?the nameservers keep on changing back to 'NS1.TRAP17.COM' instead of 'ns1.trap17.com' and it just won't work :D1dni.com won't reply <i sent an e-mail to the support team> and i need the domain+hosting working this week :Dwhat are the IPs for the nameservers (ns1.trap17.com and ns2.trap17.com) ? i'll try to change the nameservers just to those IP addresses, hoping it will work.