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The Forums I have a question that im wondering.

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Hello all,I was wondering why the forums replace files with .html stuff instead of IPB's url and how? I am just curious because I have never seen anything so modded and I am wondering how and why you did that. I think its for the member monitoring system but im not sure. Is that correct. Also feel free to fill me in on other stuff related too. :P


Pretty interesting, this. I don't know any PHP, but the URL seems to have gone back to normal...... I don't know why it was .html files before, maybe like you said, but maybe it's easier to edit and keep track of the filenames and topics.....I guess we'll have to ask OpaQue for the answer. Is it any different? If it is, I'll be thinking about converting mine to that format....


Well do you have IPB v2 also like me. I dont know if you can edit any other boards that easily. But I know that IPB allows you to edit things easily like that. I think that the .html files are from DHTML that he put on the board wrappers but I still dont know what it does. :P