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Cheap 3d Software, 'xara 3d', To Make Industry Level 3d Graphics really good graphics with amazing effects

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Hi guys,


Recently, i found this amazing piece of software called Xara 3D which has amazing number of graphics that can be tailored to your needs. Personally I love the gold effects which look really realistic. You can save the stuff in a huge number of formats and you can have a huge number of boards and frames, including animations.


It really does look quite good and you can use it to create your own animations and stuff like that. PM me if you need more details, but it really is quite good.


Xara3D is a ?slimware? program as opposed to the increasingly complex 'bloatware' that is released from the major software developers nowadays. This does not mean that Xara3D is low quality or produces inferior results compared to more complex 3D programs; on the contrary, it produces better output, and is faster than just about anything else.

It's got really low sytem requirements.


First, install the free fonts that are supplied with Xara3D. To create a 3D heading you just have to enter the text and the font for the heading, then adjust the bevel and extrude if you wish (using the B and E buttons). Next you can add a bitmap texture to the text or add a soft shadow. Finally drag the text and resize the image window so that you?ve got it to be the right size and angle. Then just select the Export menu option to save the image as a GIF or JPEG.


This shows how easy it is to edit advanced graphics, and if you need a few examples just google search it. You can integrate it into web banners and logo's.



Your thread title is wrong. Xara 3D is developed to bring 3D web graphics at a low cost without investing thousands on major 3D packages just for 3D capability on text and simple animation and rendering capability.Xara 3D is popular in the early 20s and later it improved it with the addition of a simplified ambient occlusion (soft shadows, refractive light source). Not to mention, many interactive CD makers love to use Xara 3D for its credit scroll or presentation headers.


Yes Xara 3d is not really a full featured 3D production package. But better than that there is Blender which is a full featured 3D production package and it's so cheap that it's FREE. It's also on all platforms, and has physics and particle capabilities into it.