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Non-visible Topics need to be changed/adjusted.

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I used to be that the Topics that were not visible had a unique shading to their colour.That colour-based identification is not presently available on the current Theme for the Forum. It would be nice to have the visual representation for non-visible Topics (Tutorials, Web Design, etc).


I just noticed that the distinction is there, but it doesn't have an intuitive color to it. The visible topic has a background color of _________, while the non-visible have _________. The non-visible makes the border around the text that points to the username look odd or "out of place," or seem like it has another border.


There isn't enough contrast between those colour swatches.


I used to be able to edit CSS file for the forum skin. But I have not heard from OpaQue if I can continue to access CSS file and edit it.OpaQue is very touchy about making changes in the forum for fearing it may hinder with the forum's smooth operation.Yes, not enough contrast between the two segregation.