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Theme Issue for the new Forum Theme

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I like that the Sub-forums are collapsible in the main index page. It allows me to scroll up and down the Index page from the top to bottom faster to see who all is on-line, check birthdays, etc., BUT, there is a huge hollow blank spot at the top of the page when I do that. Image attached.I'm wondering if it is due to the table based layout for the Theme?Who wrote it? Can they be contacted about this deficiency?



Seems like there's a table cell missing valign="top".


The problem is the side bar. The height of the side bar is constant due to tags, last topics, recent topics, login control. Therefore as you minimize the sub forums, the rest of the "aligns center."

The skin theme's author is "Elegance Simple" and the link is found at the right lower corner in Board Statistics.

Direct link to their site: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/