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OpaQue,Recently I have been very frustrated with how you run your business. I have been keeping my mouth shut because I was getting a free service from Xisto - Web Hosting. Every now and then I purchase big accounts but mainly I add-on small service I charge though my buffalohelp.com as add-ons.This server IP shift and my addon domains...it's a freaking horse ****. But mainly it's the lack of support Xisto - Web Hosting has been providing these days. I heard the reasoning of keeping the cost down by hiring people that are close to you. I even stuck by you when the whole mess of shifting servers to XO went absolutely crazy.And now I am even completely rendered helpless and getting yelled by your IOTA customers for not doing anything as an admin here. And even through this crisis I urge them to use the support and be patient. But I can see how they are so impatient and it's not all their fault. I'm experiencing rage myself and I'm getting tired of it. We all have things to do. You're tired from all that you do. I'm tired of what little I can do. People are calling me if their website will ever work again. Members and customers are sending me messages asking if the support will ever help them. I see Velma is no where to be found.Just tell me this: tell me I'm defending Xisto and Xisto - Web Hosting for something. Tell me that it will get better and very soon. Tell me this isn't some 2 people operation, just you and Velma. Tell me that I can trust the service again.