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About The Ad System... Downloads from an Ad link?

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That sucks. I clicked on a Kontera Ad that was displaying on a Topic and got sent to a "continue" page. It seems that the Ad link was trying to download something onto my computer. Likely needed to add a cookie or something and required a page refresh? Anyway, I don't think that clicking an Ad link should download anything. Just my idea of how things should go.I look forward to a discussion on this issue.


The Kontera ads tracks which IP/computer does what along with which ads were successful in enticing you to click (as I read how these ads work...). So if you do not want to download anything, i.e. cookies, and do not wish to click on anything it does not hurt you in earning money. You are essentially clicking someone else's ads.You can only see your ad color and ads when you view your topic as a guest AND your tracking cookies have been cleared. Kontera just captured my most used IP addresses and even when I view my topics as a guest, my ad color (red) is not shown. It's only when I exit out of the browser and clearing all data and then revisit my topics, I can see the red ads hyperlink.And just like any ad services when you click on your own ads you will be penalized, some how.


The AD will do the following,


Gather all available SYSTEM info values by Javascript (eg. screen resolution, window size etc.) through your PC and SCAN the server for ENVIRONMENT variables like IP, BrowserAgent etc. and send this to KONTERA.


Why :-


1. All Ad-Networks do this including Google. If you are surprised, Check What Google Analytics does with little Javascript on your page.

2. Store this info in Database (whether they use it or not, but this will be used some day to deliver better quality ads)

3. as Proof, incase you sue them.

4. To enjoy the sense of POWER and booost about how big their Database is.



Without this information, Delivering Geo-Targeted ads will be very difficult.