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Forum Upgrade And Advertisement - Moderator Pre-talk

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I'm sorry. Before I forget I had to make this topic. I'll give you more details when I have some free time. But I cannot forget about this. I'll come back.


Okay, so OpaQue drops a bomb the other day. He says to me, how about displaying advertisements in the forum? I said but wait Big O, are you going back on your word? He said maybe... and I was like no way~!Okay, enough with the joke. OpaQue has a plan and I'd like to hear your opinions about it. OpaQue wants to bring back the ads in the forum. But here is the twist. If you have Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher ID, you can insert in the profile area. And whenever your topic is shown, your ad will show accordingly. This will not only increase your Adsense or Publisher views but also encourages your topic to be well thought out, well rounded discussion topic. So the better you write the more it will be seen. The better discussion topic you can create the more people will participate in discussion and in return the higher your Adsense will expose.The obstacle is that members will complain about forum ads showing again. But OpaQue and I are hoping that if "their" ads are to be shown perhaps the argument might be different...What do you think?


So, only the Topic Starter's ads will display? Or will my ads display when I reply to an existing Topic?How about: will they display inside my Portal page?


revenue-sharing with topic starters? hmmn... topics started (especially in forums, unlike blogs or article farms) doesn't usually convey much information which generates the revenues in ad clicks. it's mostly the information AFTER the topic which has more bearing to the subject and eventually the ads. at least that's my general impression in our forums... unless the topic is a tutorial of sorts where the initial post weights more than the others which follow it. :D i have the same apprehension as with jlhaslip above, if shree can enable this feature to be not only beneficial for the topic starter (who could easily fudge up a topic, just so that s/he can be a topic starter and show her/his publisher ads). i'm more inclined to this proposition if it can be a rotating set of publisher ads of posters on the topic, not just the topic starter.


as for the ads per se, i'm neutral. :) most firefox users have a plugin already to deal with them. and members could easily disable it when on the Xisto doamain if need be, especially when the incentive is appealing. :)