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It seems that after christiankiller4000 got suspended by jlhaslip, they took it upon themselves to get a new account and spam the forum—but not limited to the forum; the shoutbox got hit too. Their new account is: jlaslipkiller4000. Both have the same IP address,, and it seems they are unfit for posting here. Any further action i request from admin. If you follow the IP address, you'll find similar accounts, which shows an attempt to really go at it at spamming, and you'll find one more account.

It may also appear that jlhaslip got PM bombarded by the member.


I was also PMed by this member.I placed all 3 accounts under banned permission mask. This does not change the group as "banned" but does the same work--banned from posting, pming or even seeing certain forum sections.IP ban is also in effect.