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Sever Time

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May I know the time of our websites' server? time, as in clock, hour, minutes.I have a shout box at my website, I have configured the files long ago so everytime a visitor posts a message at the shout box the time would be on our local time. but the Trap 17 server's time has changed a few times. and I have to configure the file as well.My problem now is when i tried posting some messages a day ago, the time has changed again. but this time when I posted a message at 10pm January 25 the time at shout box is correct. but when i posted again at 12:56AM JAUNUARY 26 the hour and minutes are correct but the date still says January 25.Weird! january 25 PM comes first before January 25 AM.


The problem you have is with the shoutbox, everything that shows times on my site are correct, some scripts read the time of the visitors pc, check your pc :P


I don't think it is the shout box. the shout box is powered using PHP script and it depends on the server's time.