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Proactive Ip Ban Might be worth considering

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The w3schools forum is back up and running again, with an Announcement about their issues and reasons for closing down for 2 weeks.

Might be worth considering an IP Ban in advance for the following IP address: if it isn't already banned.
Seems that IP was a (big) part of the site's closure.


I am not going to place any IP ban yet because Xisto doesn't have to worry about running out of bandwidth or disk space--we virtually have unlimited resources to run Xisto.As far as spamming in the board I think we're doing okay. New members are finding out how to run reports, many members have been helping and getting the hands on experience how to protect Xisto forum like it was their own.But I will keep an eye on things--like we all do--and the first sign of trouble this IP mentioned will be place.Thanks.