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Surge In Spam And Request For Ip Ban

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Over the last week or so I've seen a massive leap in automated spam posts. Lots similar to this: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/
There have also been quite a few posts containing links to porn, along with graphic images. As this forum is used by a lot of younger people, I feel this is something we need to stop ASAP.

So far I have just been disabling their posting ability indefinitely, but they just keep creating new accounts. Unfortunately, they seem to be using a wide range of IPs. However, one that has cropped up a few times is - would it be possible to IP ban this, if it is not being used by any legitimate members? I'll keep an eye out for the other IPs being used.

Also, it would appear that, as these are automated, the CAPTCHA and registration process has been broken...?

BuffaloHelp placed with IP ban.CAPTCHA should be enabled...unless OpaQue disabled it again. He is trying to upgrade the forum so I'll let him decide.


It's possible that CAPTCHA is functioning but there is simply someone registering the accounts and letting the bots take over from there. We've had this issue before a while back if I'm not mistaken.