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What Are The Best Ways To Meet Someone New?

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Like the title says, I'm looking for the best ways that have worked for you guys, to meet someone new.It's been a few years since I've looked to be in a dating relationship, and now that I'm back in the game, I'm not sure how to go about meeting someone. Call me pathetic, but I've always been the shy type, except for online.Any and all advice (except for rude comments like 'grow up' or things like that (I am 20, after all)) would be appreciated...


Hey Atlantis...First i would say be yourself by doing what you enjoy.Sounds cheesy maybe, but its true.If you are into skateboarding, then hang out at skate parks etc to meet girls with the same interest.You dont want anyone fake, and neither do they, so be honest about what you are looking for, to them and yourself as well.But you can meet people anywhere. If you see someone that's interesting to you in a store or restaurant, tell them so, or just strike up a conversation about something you notice about them or what they are doing at the time.Keep a smile and look them in the eye, if she holds eye contact for a moment and smiles back, you are already in good shape .... just never be afraid to talk to them in any case.just hold off on all the winking and wolf whistles until you know her a little while LOL.Like they say, you have to go through several "no" before you get a "yes"!I wish you the best of luck!!Let us know if you find that special someone, fall head over heels and get hitched lol. :lol: