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Staff Discussion - Mod Wishlist for upcoming forum upgrade

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Hello moderators,


I was informed that we are expected to undergo a forum upgrade. During the upgrade I'm sure we'll be facing many bugs, as usual, and would require all our moderating skills to calm worried members.


And I would like to ask if there's anything that should be considered adding to the upgraded forum.


I'll start with one:


1. http://mods.invisionize.com/db/index.php/f/8141


This mod is basically the same thing we've been doing: either leave a visible NOTE bbcode or post and make it invisible. The above mod gives the ability to be hidden from the rest and only moderators can see.


It's only useful when the topic gets moved to spam and later purged. All discussions made by moderators will act against moderators' hosting credits. So by having the above mod, hosting credits are not jeopardized even if the post/topic gets deleted.


The idea would be to use NOTE bbcode for members to be seen and STAFF NOTE is for our private discussion regarding the post/topic/member etc.


Keep those discussions and ideas flowing.


2. Currently we have credits adjusting script that is external from this forum. The custom page added by OpaQue shows the link. The problem is that whenever a mod is left with bad terms admins have to change those links to protect the hosting credits. I noticed that only admins can approve Trap Feedback posts. I was hoping OpaQue would included such sensitive links within Credit System V3 to prevent harmful scripts to be out of "former mods and admins."? By including withing the Credit System there's no fear of changing so many script pages for all administrative duties.


If this is possible, I think we can eliminate CUSTOM PAGES mod...


Another addition


3. http://mods.invisionize.com/db/index.php/f/7127


This welcome PM, email or topic has been considered but it might be even crucial now since OpaQue had asked me what is the most needed thing for Xisto. I believe it's giving stronger stress to Xisto Readme. An auto PM to newly registered member with Xisto Readme along with warm words would be in order--perhaps long over due. Xisto Readme can clarify many FAQ's and unnecessary redundant topics by newbies.


i have no mods in mind at the moment, but there is one "wishlist change" i have for the NOTE bbcode (our current one and/or the one with the additional STAFF NOTE as linked above).... * when we insert the NOTE bbcode on a post, it can easily be changed and/or removed by the member using the EDIT button. there were instances in the past when i caught some posts in which i have made a note (an unofficial reminder for rules compliance without imposing a warning) and the member took advantage of the EDIT button to remove/modify the note posted. if i caught them (which is rare since i just happen to accidentally re-read the post on which i added a note), i impose a warning + a day or two of suspension. i just wish that with the upgrade in mind, opaque can look into this so the NOTE/STAFF NOTE upgrade will not be open to an EDIT by a regular member in his post.


I think that if we included the scripts within the custom pages, then we wouldn't really have a problem with "former mods and admins". However, I don't see that to be an issue with any of our current mods or admins, as all of us have been here for a long time enough to be trusted.


Are we upgrading to 2.3? And does that include the php bbcode tag?I like that staff note Modification...


#3 in my post has been added.As far as PHP bbcode I will try to find out...


Forum Upgrade is possible only after Credit System v3 is launched which is integrated under Xisto - Support Billing area. :-) Today, I run tests on my own account and all worked successfully.Pending Things :-- Securing the Script for Injection attacks.- Adding Failsafe code to tackle MySQL issues.- Division by 0 errors.


Of course. This topic was made well before I understood the new credit system. I didn't know the credit system integrated with the forum would be replaced with the credit --> cash conversion system.That would lighten up the forum load as well--as the credit system is another mod to the forum. I'll bet the upgrading will be easier than integrating the old credit system with every forum upgrade.


Oh so is the credit system already coded? Haha I was wondering, what are some of the already planned features and improvements? =P


To see a sneak preview and signup for your own billing account, please read


Pass the word around that moderators are to signup now so that we can assist other hosting members.



I did that a couple days ago. Looked good.