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New Bbcode Tag Request

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Would be nice to have a "php" bbcode tags that highlights like the html and sql bbcodes.

php highlighting is native to the php parser, so it should be easy to implement using the php highlight() function.


I'm pretty sure that IPB would have the mod for this, or can we check out writing our own Mod?


I feel this php bbcode tag would be a boost to ourattracting 'coders'.




Found one... in the AEF bbcode functions. First place I looked...


Want to see it?


Apparently this php bbcode will be coming in IPB 3x series.




although i'm hardly a coder, i see the benefit this will provide our members (especially the coders). i'm not averse to the suggestion, so i hereby second the motion. :lol: perhaps this is already in opaque's TO DO list of priority changes for the Xisto forum, but if not, then i suggest it be added in future forum changes.


I am writing codes to scan the content of the post and the BBCODES like HTML, QUOTE, CODE require extra attention. I suggest keeping these large formats low :lol: