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Unable To View Posts.

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I logged into my account today to check my posts, and for some odd reason I'm unable to see any. I can't see posts under my profile view the mini topic/post lookup thingy....and typically I'm unable to see any threads/replies...period...I'm unsure of why I'm posting this message, as I know I won't be able to see any replies. But hopefully someone will be able to help me...somehow, somewhere.Thanks.


I was in the middle of trouble-shooting a member's account when I saw the database error message. This time it looks like only certain posts are not showing or loading rather than the entire forum database error.Sent a support ticket and nothing else I can do from this point. I just hope that someone sees it soon.


no problems from here...


The forum had rolled back but Opa restored everything back except for the most recent posts. I had it restored and the MySql error fixed. Shree even added a limit so that no mySql connection will be active after 100 seconds thus preventing the server's MySql being fried