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Do You Support Crontab Jobs?

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Dear Staff,I would like to ask if Xisto - Support cron job/crontab. Alot of users need it for thier forums to work. Alot of the forums here are gamefaqs spinoff sourcecodes. All spinoffs as far as I know need crontab. I and alapidus cannot get it to work for our forums. And support if you do have it. If you don't is it posiable to add it?Andrew


Yes we have the Cron Job Support. It can be configured using a standard mode for new bie and also using Unix Advanced mode for developers...- OpaQue


Yes Andrew..i've tried it. its not as difficult as i guess before..this tool is very important 4 webmaster. one of most i loved from cPanel.just put ur command and wait for ur email report. well done :rolleyes:


The point is i've set it on on basic mode and it doesn't work. Tried advanced too.