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A First!: Member Po'd His Application Was Denied.

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This is ridiculous.. how can I be denied? I made lots of quality posts. VERY few were one liners, but they were no where close to being considered spam. They all related to the topics, and actually contributed. How can you call that spam? This is very disapointing. I come here to be an active member and utilize your hosting solutions... and yet I'm being called a spammer. Very discouraging.

Please note that in no way were you called a spammer. Please do not skew my words to make it more convenient for you. A very LARGE majority of your posts were considered one-liners and did not contribute much quality. I reviewed your posts and they were 1 line, then a few enters, and another line. This is not what we want to see when we are approving/denying applications. If you have an issue with my judgment you may also consider our sister site: qupis.com. A free alternative with no posting requirements and only a single line ad at the bottom of your page.


Alternatively you can improve your posting quality and resubmit your application. I ask that you make a MINIMUM of 5 quality posts before resubmitting.


Thank you for your understanding.

Red is him, quoted reply is mine.


I certainly hope I wasn't to harsh :). His posts are very...well, in need of improvement. I've been with T17 for 3 years now, and NOT ONCE have had someone come to me like this. Amazing.


EDIT: His next reply to me:

Thanks, but I found another site, with no strings attached


Could have been worse.


It was quite amusing. I've never had someone do this! It...somewhat made my day.


The 15 year old kid with 3 accounts PO'ed because his request was denied? Oh yes, he PMed me few times with many bleeps. I banned them all together.Quality posts...?? He means he copied posts from some please else and so mods marked them spams. Oh... the joy of teaching them to see themselves...


HAHA! Nice catch Buffalo. 3 accounts eh....that's hilarious. I bet all 3 were denied hosting!