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In-laws important relationships often not considered

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Relationships with in-laws are very important. People say that when you get married, you don?t just marry the person but their family as well. In 55% of divorces, people said that the in-laws were at least partially responsible. Establishing warm connections early on in the marriage can lead to a positive relationship with in-laws. One of the most common problems people have with in-laws has to do with differences in lifestyles.Often, during the first few years of marriage, the couple?s parents will be around a lot giving endless advice. Later, they will want to see grandchildren and may require attention as they age. It is important to develop a good relationship with one?s in-laws. The parents of a couple are advised not to give unsolicited advice, to respect privacy, to be interested in their new in-law and not treat them as though they have stolen the child?s love, and to give the couple room to live their own lives. Newlyweds should write to, phone, and visit with their new parents to improve their relationship. A person?s relationship with their partner?s parents often changes after marriage.