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Smarter Copy And Pasting

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For a while, the member vijeth has been posting articles which looked suspiciously well written, and were much longer, compared to the rest of his posts. However, I couldn't find a source where they had been copied from (my usual tactic of copying a line into a few search engines and seeing what popped up failed).After reading a few of them through again, it became clear why I couldn't find the source. It looks like the articles have been copied, then put through some kind of automatic thesaurus, replacing some of the words with synonyms. Of course, that makes the post look "unique" as there is no other page which has exactly the same article on it.After a few minutes I've found the source for a few of his posts, and have spammed/quoted them as necessary. I just thought everyone might like to be aware that people are getting smarter to try and beat the credit system, and beat us :D


vijeth and I were communicating for a while regarding his posts. I have expressed my concerns and he responded with an answer that they are reprints of his personal articles--school, work, blog etc.We all feel that double dipping on hosting credits with articles we already presented elsewhere is not the way of this forum. (Unless this idea was thrust upon by me to you :D)And for the longest time I could not make unsupported claims to give the proper spam warning.Thank goodness you found it, rvalkass!!! :( You get a big gold star from me!


like you, I questioned some of those postings and could not discover the plagiarised postings.Well done rvalkass.