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C# The Language The Language Of the Future

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Welcome Friends, now i would like to share with you something about C#( Pronounced as C# ) . This language was put into practice recently and now that i have started learning this language C#.And i found certain intresting stuffs in C# , Now let us see why i call this language as the language of future, as of now people used java and did you ever think why people used java? It is just becaused it was Platform Independent and so whereever this Java Virtual Machine was installed the Java program worked so the Key point here to be noted is that "Platform Independent", And in early stages people used C++ , did you stop for a while and think why C++. ? this is just because C++ had the concept of OO ( Object Oriented ) and people saw that OO was Good and they moved to C++ earlier to Java.And some where people were attracted to Visual Basic, did you think why ? this is just because it supported the " Rapid Application Devolopment , which made this very popular.Therefore as of now the three languages had three diffrent importace , they are i) Platform Independentii)OOiii)Rapid appiclication development.And what now about C#? C# is a langiuage which has combined all the above three and evolved. So i call it as the Language of the Future !!


You know I never saw at C# that way. I believe this is going to be the the language of the future for real. I want to study programing but there are things like that that I need to know for me to make to make a wise decision before wasting my time on something that I'll end up abandoning before I even go anywhere. Let's just hope microsoft doesn't get in the way of such a promising platform.


First - I don't know the specs so I could be wrong but I'm having difficulty finding any real data on this subject. Anyway, C# has been out for a long long time and it's no where close to overtaking most languages. Even more - C++ is developed well and stable and suits most needs these days still.I know for a fact that VLC Media Player is written in C++, yet it's very portable. Coders aren't going to migrate to something when what they are using suits their needs fine and they understand the ins and outs of the language. Not to mention that *lots* of libraries and other addons are usually written for C++ with other languages an after-thought. C# *may* be the language of the future, but it won't be for a very long time.