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Html Form! Using MySQL?

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Hey, I need your help again!I need some good working tutorial how I can update my SQL through HTML form. I did use some tutorials online found with the help of google; but they do not work properly; I mean there are still small mistakes. I need to have a good tutorial to follow. It should be based on security and more things. It has to be done in proper way...


Please, post any replies to help me?!


It is too hard to run a SQL query from a Html form. For example: You sent a query via GET method

http : // yoursite.com/myquery.php?q=SELECT+*+from ...

You cannot run the query which is being hold by $_GET['q']. Because I tried this before.


But there is one file minisql php script, maybe you can analyze it and extract some codes or use directly it.

Use this file phpminiadmin.php

Home page https://sourceforge.net/projects/phpminiadmin/

Download page https://sourceforge.net/projects/phpminiadmin/files/ (check the last version here and download)


Any more replies? This forum is intended to help people as well as to teach them!!!


U want to execute queries through a FORM right? this is exatly what u need ;)

<?phpmysql_connect($server, $user, $pass);mysql_select_db($db);if(isset($_GET['query'])){if(mysql_query(stripslashes($_GET['query']))){echo "Executed!";} else {die("Mysql Error!: " . mysql_error());}}?><form method='GET'><input type='text' name='query' value='SELECT * FROM table1' /><input type='submit' /></form>

This is not realy a secure afcourse, but its not hard to secure.
Good luck, have fun ;)

- optiplex