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Custom Vb Browser

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Out of sheer boredom, I decided to learn Visual Basic using Visual Basic 2008 Express. I just made a web browser called SuckyIE. Basically it is a sucky version of IE. I probably will distribute it under a different name. Probably, Simple Browser or something. I will post a screenshot here soon.


Actually.. call it SuckIE.... like sucky... get it?


when will you post your browser? I think I will like to see that.. why do you call it sucky? it's your work and you should love it even it's the worst program ever built in the world.. just like one of One Piece's character said.. "If you made something even it is bad or good, best or worst, tell everybody that you made it with a DON"


I swear that there was a button somewhere that created a browser in VB for you instantly. So making a browser in VB isn't really all that spectacular. And it probably isn't going to be very functional, so there isn't much point using one... and if you're thinking of putting it on a USB, we have Portable Firefox for that :lol:


Portable Firefox takes up like 15 mb though, mine is just a few kb. And I totally forgot about this thread, I'll try to post a screenshot in a bit.