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What Mods Does This Forum Have Installed

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Just curious what mods are installed in this forum, i mean i see like 1 new one every month atleast and i tought maybe the admin can list out the mods that are installed with the version of the mod, maybe some forum modder like to use those mods, i know great site like invisionize, probably the place you get it, but would be great to have the mods listed outThanks for your help


Here is just a general list ArcadeReputationKenka Rpg modShoutboxMember MapArmy SystemGlobal MEssage modAds between posts ( created by me - all messed up but works :rolleyes: )Latest 10 posts and topicsA Faulty mod for userfriendly urls ( which was edited a 100 times by me )I cant remember.. but i m sure i missed something.. :)


whats the mod thats show what the title of the page is at the top


thats is just a php code i think, a var thingy or include...