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Cms? How?

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I did create the pages like register, login and others as well. So, how do you put them like on the single page. For instance, you can adjust that login page was at the lift bottom, and the register-at the right bottom?


Your situation is very vague, I have no idea what you are asking but will try nonetheless. So you want links to be displayed in a page? To do that, you can always use CSS to align where you want your links to be displayed combined with the use of DIVs


You need to make sure your single page is in php and then do a simple php include to which will help display everything in one page.

A php include looks like this

<?php include("menu.php"); ?>

However, if your looking for more information how how to code your own CMS, then check out these tutorials for getting some idea's.


It is stated in tutorials, you create pages like register.php, index.php, and so on. How you make them on one page, combine all php codes into one. Like you join the index,php, to be showed on the screen, just like the others kept unchanged, if you pressed register for example,