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Annex Tutorial Demos Would we be able to set them up as Samples

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BH,There are some very good Tutorials here on the Xisto. Many of them have been written to assist users that are new to the WebWorld.Just thought that the Mods might be able to sift through them and pick a couple that could be set-up as demos on the Annex site.Example:Register and Log-in Scripts, set-up a flat-file sample and provide the codebase with a link to the tutorial.Similarly, pick a good MySql Register/Log-in script and set it up and provide a link to the Tutorial.Many of the dynamic image Tutorials could be set-up there as well.We could then include a link in the original Tutorial Topic, crosslinking the Tutorial, a Demo page and the code for download.


That's the SCRIPTS folder and menu section. See the format (crude but working) I placed the set. The hope was that annex.trap17.com becomes another gateway into Xisto forum. But annex.trap17.com is not rated by any of search engines. Maybe that's a good thing. Sometimes having too many sub-domains that sits as idle could make the domain's own rating to fall.Not to hinder with Xisto's own page rating I would be cautious when doing too much with annex.trap17.com. But to explore different sides of hosting and providing extra help for forum members, such as running a demo scripts, I created annex. I also gave jlhaslip the full access to annex so feel free to experiment. ^_^