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Flash And Javascript Interaction swfobject js questions

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I don't know if anyone on here is familiar with this script. You can check it out here. Basically it's a script that is supposed to give you javascript control over a flash object. I am using it for a flv player. My question is this. I would like to display the current file's title in a span element on the page, but the function described to gather the information for the current file doesn't seem to work for me. The function, as outlined on on this page looks like this:

function getUpdate(typ,pr1,pr2,swf) { if(typ == 'state') { alert('the current state is: '+pr1'); }}

I'm not even remotely sure how this is supposed to work, and I just keep getting an error that says that it isn't a function. I am using FireFox. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


So you are trying to run javascript actions from flash? Whenever I've done that I never did something as complicated as that. There may be an advantage to doing it another way but i'm not sure, but this is how I would always do it:

geturl("java script:functionname();");
where functionname is the name of the javascript function you are trying to call from flash.