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Regarding Inactive Members

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Hi guys,

I recently removed the links in the signature of richierich1m (http://forums.xisto.com/user/30010-richierich1m/) and made the signature smaller text.

This was his signature:

Here's what the signature looks like now:

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I found it somewhat intrusive, and since he was inactive and even received warnings, I thought it would be appropriate to do so.

Any other ideas on what we should do when we encounter these? It would be interesting if a script automatically removed a user's signature or the links and formatting after 1 year or so: less clutter, smaller database, and less pagerank and traffic leeching. After all, Xisto is a heavily visited website.


Good call, Dooga.Should we go on the prowl for these? or simply adjust the one we stumble upon...


Although forum signatures are not viewed by spiders and none registered members, resizing the font was a good call.Good job, Scooby!