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Readme Needs Updating

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The readme has the following information on it:

What Are Name Servers For Xisto

1. ns1.trap17.com
2. ns2.trap17.com

I'm not sure when they stop working, but it is probably best to change them to the new nameservers.


Thank you for bringing this to my attention! :PI'll get on it right now.


Hmm the problem is, an IP address isn't a nameserver... is it?


Some domain registrars require IP address as name servers. So instead of asking members to creatively figuring it out, I have included the IP information for their convenience.


We will now be using :-NS.COMPUTINGHOST.COMNS2.COMPUTINGHOST.COM-Just clearing any confusion-


I thought the announcement says that we're using an IP address as the nameserver now?


Nameserver changed from ns1.trap17.com, ns2.trap17.comto ns.computinghost.com, ns2.computinghost.com respectively.IP address was announced in case those registrars do not have the capability to enter nameservers other than in the method of IP address. Usually ns.computinghost.com resolves to IP automatically.


Ah, thank you! Makes more sense now.