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How do you become a Xisto moderator? I am just wondering because that googlue person looks like he [or she] has a high member no. and I was wondering how you picked him [or her]. Do you guys hold moderator applications or something? I would like to try to become a moderator or I think Mike would be a good one because he has a lot of moderating experience. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I am just curious as to how you become a mod.


You have to very active at the forums and be high on information and able to help people with any problems thay have... Plus you need a hight post count, something like 100+I was made a mod thanks to Eric Drinkard saying how helpful I was, Thanks Eric... ;)


Oh. I figured that you would have to be nominated by a staff member or something and I think there is a user with over 600 posts! I think he might become a Xisto moderator. I will never be one (lol) because of my low post count and I don't know much about you guys yet. I think you are very informative though cragllo and you deserve to be a Xisto moderator.


I would like to be a member of the Trap 17 staff, but considering the work I have, I don't think I'll be able (if I contacted OpaQue, and he allowed). I run http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/, and regularly churn out site designs (If people are willing) and I'm a mod at about a million other sites. That's without the online play (CounterStrike, CounterStrike: Source, Star Wars: Galaxies, and many others). I have to fix all these things. Poor, Very Poor me.... ;)


If you want to be a moderator, you likely have to be a helpful citizen to the forums. You would probably need to have a above average knowledge on web hosting, programming, and resources. If you want to be a moderator, you should know how to help people, the basic commands of moderating (split, move, etc.). Also, you should be experienced in helping people and responding to support questions. Likewise, you will also need to have a positive attitude, and a trustful personality. Professionalism is required to be a good moderator, and if you can make everyone smile with your posts, the moderator is a perfect job. How do I know? I've been one! (not on this site of course! I did, however, be a support operator before...) If you require more aid with your inquiry, please PM me with your issue, and I will speedlily respond. ;) If you require immediate aid, please use the support button located on the... what am I talking about? Anyways, happy new year, and I hope this helped!


Ive seen that somewhere before at there forums... that is exactly what is needed, I remember reading a thread about it, way back when.. lolWell, got to get back to work, lots of promos to organise for my sites...


Basically to be a mod you need to know how to count up to 3 and you need to know how to handle messages that break the rules (delete, move, close). I suppose that you would have to be with Xisto for not an extremely long time, but long enough to know the basics and to answer most questions. I don't really think that you need to know how to program sites because all you really do is handle messages that break the rules and either deny or approve applications for hosting. But maybe you will have to know some programming to answer some of the users' questions.