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Lets just say that I registered twice on Xisto. I already have one hosted account, and I start posting with my other account and apply for hosting again. Is it allowed to have more than one posting account? I only have one Xisto account and I am just wondering because if you are allowed to have more than one hosting account, than I might get another one. >_> Well, I'm guessing that you can only have one but can somebody confirm that?


Well.. the person will have to struggle harder for keeping both the accounts active. And we do not allow any individual to have more than one account. It would simply mean wasting of resources. We purchase extra facilities and resources so that our members recieve premium quality hosting.


<3 Xisto. Yeah, I figured that you would be wasting space if one user had multiple hosting accounts. You're right though, the person would have to struggle to keep both accounts active. Also, you guys do paid hosting? I might want my own domain. ._. I don't know, domains are cool. >_>