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Hotlinking Via Cpanel [resolved] Doesnt work on my Account???

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I thought I had Hotlink Protection enabled on my Account, but it appears that someone snagged an URL to an Image and was using it on another Forum because it was such a cute picture... I found a recurring Log entry that I followed back and I think I have straightened the matter out with that person... with assistance from their Admin...so, I came back here and Cpanel wouldn't alter the status of my Hotlink Protection via Cpanel :)I have tried several different approaches, but nothing seems to be successful.When I 'enable' Holink Protection, I am presented with a page in Cpanel which seems to list all the correct domains and sub-domains, but when I return to the Hotlink page, the feature is disabled again, so it is not remaining 'enabled'.any ideas?


There seems to be some error with your account. I tested out with my own and others and ENABLE indicator works well.Please send your account information, along with problem in detail, to support@Xisto.com via Xisto - Support.comHopefully the support team will double check your hosting account and fix the issue.


RESOLVED.It appears that the Hotlink Protection simply creates some .htaccess rules into the .htaccess files throughout the account structure.By writing the required Rules into the various sub-domains {root} folders, and cut and pasting the file to all the Sub-domains, I am now showing as Hotlink Protection "enabled". Still, there must be a glitch someplace for it to have failed when the attempt was made to make the account "enabled" via the Cpanel???


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