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For The Record SEO Thread

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Contents of a PM I sent to Anwii re: request to delete his postings in the SEO Thread as follows:Anwii,In regards: your request to remove the postings in the SEO Thread.Your request respectfully declined for the following reasons:If they were to be removed, the Thread would be incomplete. If they were of a nature that they should have been removed, Opaque would have done so already.Regards,jlhaslip


Record noted.I can see why anwiii would want to delete the topic. I have contacted him prior regarding his harsh tone in his posts. He replied regretting his words now that he had some chance to reflect.But jlhaslip's reply is what I support the most. Although it may be embarrassing to anwiii the topic will serve as a learning session to him and deleting any post from this topic will not establish a complete discussion. I would have considered removing but it should stay. And I see some valid points from anwiii but not share the same words he expressed.And judging from the shoutbox bthaxor and anwiii are having a nice discussion about bthaxor's web design. I like that! :P They both don't have to be submissive but they are being extra courteous to one another. Perhaps it was much needed thing.